How to appeal

If you have received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and feel it was wrongly issued, you have the right to appeal.

All complaints will only be dealt with in writing within 28 days. Abusive letters will not be responded to.

It should be noted before making an appeal that all vehicles that are ticketed are photographed by digital camera with date and time stamped. Photographs are for internal use only and may be passed over to a specialist debt collection agency and used as prosecuting evidence in any county court case against you. It is unlikely we will consider appeals for reasons such as

• My permit fell off the windscreen/dashboard
• I’ve only just purchased the car and haven’t be able to get a permit yet.
• I was only parked for a few minutes.
• I could not find anywhere else to park.

We aim to write back to you within 7 days, but certainly no more than 14 days after your representation is received. If the appeal is unsuccessful, you will be advised in writing and you will also be provided with details of the new Independent Appeals Service (POPLA). Please note POPLA will not accept an appeal if you have not appealed to Spring Parking in the first instance. More information can be found on

When making a representation to us, please include the PCN number. Please also confirm your registration number and tell us if you are the owner of the vehicle or were driving someone else’s vehicle. Please provide copies of evidence to support your appeal.

All appeals should be sent to the postal address below, alternatively you can send an email to [email protected]

Appeals Department
Spring Parking Ltd
PO Box 746
Middlesex HA8 4PS