20 Aug 2015

A driver who threw a £60 parking ticket out of his window was promptly fined another £75 for littering.

The motorist was issued with a penalty charge notice for contravening parking regulations in Ammanford, South Wales, and when a witness saw him fling the ticket into the car park, he was reported to the council.

He has now been issued with a fixed penalty notice for £75 for the litter offence as well.

Executive Board Member for Environmental and Public Protection Cllr Jim Jones said: “I hope this sends out the message that people cannot get away with breaking the law in this way.

“The man thought he could get away with avoiding a fine for the parking offence by throwing the ticket away; but now he has incurred a further ticket for dropping litter.

“This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and action will be taken against offenders.”

This is the second time in the last three months someone has been fined for littering after throwing away a Penalty Charge Notice.