We provide a range of robust and comprehensive parking enforcement solutions.

Our ANPR system, primarily suited for large car parking areas such as superstores, shopping centres and retail parks has the ability to produce various reports such as the average duration of stay per vehicle, vehicle count, repeat visitor and many other fascinating statistics.


This service is particularly aimed at Supermarkets, Retail Parks & large retailers that wish to stop commuters or long term parkers taking up their valuable customer parking spaces, meaning a loss in revenue for the outlets and congested car parks.

We have the latest technology in the market using hi-tech ANPR cameras linked to our offices with high-speed broadband whereby it automatically issues a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) to the registered keeper of the vehicle to all vehicles that do not abide by the parking restrictions on site.


The system is ideal for regulating:

  • Maximum stay restrictions
  • Permit Holders only
  • Customer Parking only
  • No Parking zones
  • Tailor made schemes

The problems with other parking management systems:

  • Gates and Barriers often get vandalized and hinder access.
  • Clamping has been banned.
  • On-site parking officers are costly
  • Permits are time-consuming to administer

Automated Car Park Management Benefits:

  • Fully managed system with the ability to add permits any time.
  • Failsafe, flexible, customer friendly and non-confrontational
  • Cameras work 24/7 and eliminate marshal and enforcement personnel
  • Full reporting statistics – useful for marketing a site to let or future rent reviews
  • For peace of mind, the site owner is able to cancel tickets without cost and we do not ask for a long term contract.

We can both supply and install the equipment to any size car park. Our approach allows us to offer quality service and competitive pricing.

We can provide excellent statistics that none of our competitors can, using our own technology.

parking attendant, traffic warden, getting ticketMobile Ticketing

Spring Parking offers a ticketing service that will deter unauthorised parking on your private land.

Spring Parking provides a ticketing system that is a lawful & ethical. We will manage your land and issue a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) on the windscreen or by post to vehicles that have parked on site without authorisation or parked in a No Parking area. Our signage and Parking Charges conform with the British Parking Association’s Code of Practice. Each client’s need is different and an appropriate fee is negotiated for each site.